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Every company with a website seeks to stand out in the Google local search results using Google listing optimization services. There are many strategies for ranking highly as a local business, but regrettably, there is no magic solution. This is a team effort, like most SEO-related activities. Offering customers up-to-date details like opening hours and contact information is one way to stand out. Utilizing the Google My Business profile, formerly Google My Business, is one way to do this. However, what is it specifically, and why is it so crucial for search engine optimization

What is Google business profile?

It's important to note that Google recently changed the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile. Although it has changed its name, Google Business Profile is still your one-stop shop for controlling the information about your company and how it will be displayed in search results. The Knowledge Graph, Google Maps ranking, and organic search results can all be customized with this crucial tool. 

You can edit your 'My Google Business listing' by adding NAP information, business hours, photos, etc. There are even unusual choices that demonstrate various shopping options. 

For companies of all sizes, Google My Business is helpful. You gain a competitive edge by managing your online presence and luring customers who look for your business on Google search and maps.

As one of Kolkata's leading Google My business marketing agencies, we think a business listing is more significant for local businesses than social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, profiles on other directory sites, and all forms of advertising. 

Why do Businesses Need Google Business Profile And Local SEO?

Are you still thinking if it's worth the effort? Here are a few reasons why businesses need Google Business Profile – 

  • One of the major advantages of using a Google Business Profile for marketing is that it raises your company's online visibility. 
  • You can share details about your company with GBP users. You can share news, announcements, updates, deals, and more. These updates enable you to stay in touch with potential consumers and keep them informed because they appear on Google Search and Maps.
  • With Google Business Profile and local SEO, you can answer the queries of your potential customers in real-time.
  • GBP also helps to increase traffic and sales. 

Streamline Google My Business Profile Optimization With The Best Local SEO Company In Kolkata

Whether you run a restaurant or shop or offer repair services, you need a Google My Business profile to attract customers. Given the volume of Google local searches, you must create and optimize google my business for an extrinsic digital presence with the best local business optimization service providers in Kolkata. 

Even if understanding how to enhance the Google My Business page isn't particularly challenging, there is simply too much data to gather and examine. Your time will undoubtedly be heavily invested in determining which measurements and KPIs are most important and in identifying areas that need improvement. 

This entire procedure can be streamlined if you have access to one of India's best Google local optimization service providers. 

Simply connect with us at Marketorz, share your requirements with our experts, and get the best packages.

Google business profile optimization primarily depends on these factors

Uniform Listing 95%
On-page SEO Optimization For Local Search 90%
Content Strategy With Local Focus 85%
Citation Creation 90%
Customer Reviews & Updates 92%
Targeted Local Keyword Usage 96%

Specialties of our Google Business Profile and Local SEO Services

From creative ideas to innovation and its systematic execution is what creates the best experience. 

Profile Customization

We offer various listing customization options. Remember, the more attractive your profile is, the more probable it is that you will outperform the competition.

Relevant Q&A

We offer an informative question-and-answer forum on your listing. This helps search engines understand what you do and offers information to users with questions.

Vanity URLs

These abbreviated links make it simpler for you to direct people to your Google Business profile page through promotional materials and ads.

Review Management

Gather feedback, interact with followers, address problems, and express gratitude to customers for their support. Customer management is a crucial activity for all businesses.

Proper Image upload

Post and display images for customers to examine as they research your business. Proper images related to your business will increase your credibility and authenticity.

Google Business profile dashboard

We still recommend our customers use the GBP dashboard, where they get access to all the crucial settings related to their business.

Appointment Scheduling

Users may quickly schedule an appointment through your Google My Business listing. It will create a seamless experience that will Increase query generation.

Analyze Customer Journey

Using indicators like reviews, customer activities, views, and search results, we give you information and insights about your Google Business Profile.

Our Approach

After hours of research, we have developed the best approach to efficiently create and optimize google business profile and local SEO.

1. Keyword Research

The keyword is the heart of SEO. No matter how hard you try, you won’t gain traffic from Google if nobody is looking for what you’re writing about. Your entire Optimization and ranking depend on it.

2. Analyzing Google Map's Competitors

Although Google Maps is excellent navigation and mapping application, numerous Google Maps competitors are just as good or even better. So, we always analyze perfectly.

3. Setting Up Google Business Profile and Optimization

An optimized business profile is an essential component of any successful online marketing campaign and a crucial tool for engaging customers. So rest assured. Our Experts at marketorz will create your business profile.

4. Citation Audit

Citations must be precise and provide the same information on all platforms. Your listing will suffer if these citation sources contain inconsistent phone numbers, erroneous addresses, or broken website links.

5. Local On-page Optimization

 The techniques and procedures for optimizing a web page to raise its search engine ranks and increase organic traffic are called local on-page SEO. Thus, optimizing your on-page is essential.

6. Citation Building

Local citations significantly impact your local SEO efforts. Start building your local citation with experienced local SEO service providers.


Google Business profile listing is crucial for local listing of businesses. In the following section, we have listed a few frequently asked questions regarding Google Business Profile (Formerly google my business or GMB).

Google listing is a process or listing technique to list local businesses on the google business profile platform. Google Business Profile offers businesses to create a free business profile on Google. You can include information about your company's location, offerings, and goods, as well as images and details. Your exposure will be increased across all Google services when you create this free profile.

To make your business show up on google search you need to list your business on "Google business profile", which is completely free. You need to maintain a consistent business name, phone number, and address throughout the internet.

Follow the steps below to get found on Google search results –

  1. Run a keyword search.
  2. Create search engine-friendly content.
  3. Consider SEO's off-page components.
  4. Observe and test.

Sadly, Google does not provide a straightforward "remove" option for its reviews. To remove a
review, follow the below-mentioned steps –

  1. Locate your company on Google Maps.
  2. Go to the Google reviews page to find the review.
  3. Select the three vertical dots.
  4. Choose Report Review
  5. Pick an answer to the question "What is wrong with this review?"
  6. Report the Google review.

  1. Use your actual business name.
  2. List a local phone number.
  3. Verify your opening hours.
  4. Write a compelling description.
  5. Upload high-quality images and videos.

Follow the steps to get your business to show up on Google –

  1. Create a Business Profile.
  2. Add information about your company and control how it appears on Google.

Verify your business profile to ensure that it is eligible to show up on Google.

  1. Sign in to Google Business Profile Manager.
  2. Add your business.
  3. Enter your location.
  4. Fill in your information.
  5. Verify your business.
  6. Customize your profile.

Ensure you added high-quality images, following the Google guidelines. You can take help from local SEO experts to get better solutions.

  1. Verify Your Business.
  2. Fill out Your Profile.
  3. Verify Your Profile Information and NAP Consistency across the Web.
  4. Select the Most Relevant Categories.
  5. Include images and videos.

A component of off-page SEO is business listing. Your company's name, address, and other information are all included in an internet record that also includes other crucial information.

It's easy to add keywords to your Google My Business listing by visiting, entering your name, the keyword or phrase, and then selecting "Add the Keywords". You can enter keywords that are pertinent to your business in the pop-up box that will appear.

  1. Create a free Google Business profile (Formerly, Google My Business or GMB) account. 
  2. Add essential information
  3. Share photos, your logo, and videos 
  4. Add more about your business


The top 4 ways to promote your business listing on Google for free are –

  1. create and Improve your Google Maps listing.
  2. Add as many details as possible regarding your business don't forget your targeted keywords.
  3. Get reviews from customers.
  4. Regular updates from the business.

Follow these steps to get a good ranking and promotion for free.